It's MOVING DAY!!!! Goodbye Inpatient Maggie... Hello Outpatient Maggie!!!!!

From Mom Lauren last night (Tuesday August 20th)
This mama is exhausted tonight so just a quick update! Maggie had a good day! It was very tiring for me as I tried to move a lot of stuff into the Neely house. I got a lot done but still have so much to bring over tomorrow. Amazing how much one accumulates after 6 weeks in the hospital! I also made a trip to CVS to get a few food items for us to start with. That was a work out carrying all the bags back by hand..ha.

The plan is still for us to be discharged tomorrow (Wednesday August 21st). A home nurse came today and gave me a TPN tutorial. Another nurse will be at the Neely house tomorrow night to help me. I am overwhelmed with all the meds and such that I will be responsible for. It's been so nice to have nurses here to it's all on me! Plus I have to get back into the cooking and cleaning routine and be Maggie's mom and nurse! It's going to be an adjustment but one I know we can handle.

Looks like Maggie will have her first outpatient clinic visit Friday.