We've been chatting about the Neely House for along time, and looking forward to the day when Maggie was going to be discharged to the Neely House. Want to know more about it?

The Neely House at Tufts Medical Center is a bed   and breakfast style home away from home for cancer patients and their families. It was created to fill an important need - to help pediatric and adult cancer patients and their families while undergoing treatment. The house is an environment in which families who stay there can talk with others in similar situations while being near loved ones in a warm, home-like setting.

The House is located within the walls of Tufts Medical Center, a world-renowned medical center for adults and children. The Cancer Center at Tufts Medical Center and its Floating Hospital for Children are among the finest medical institutions in the nation. The philosophy of Tufts Medical Center's cancer program is consistent with that of The Cam Neely Foundation - to provide leading-edge medical care with the highest level of compassionate patient care.

The Neely House is more than just a place to sleep. Families have the opportunity to talk with others facing similar situations while being with their loved ones in a non-clinical setting. After opening its doors in 1997 with eight beautifully designed, self contained apartments with all of the comforts of home, The Neely House expanded to sixteen private apartments in 2000 and now encompasses over 15,000 square feet, with two common kitchen areas and two living rooms. The space is designed to encourage group conversation or provide quiet corners for reading. Families can also enjoy the privacy of their own accommodation that features a kitchenette, private bath and a warm and homelike environment. All necessities such as laundry, telephone, answering machines, internet access, movie and reading libraries have been considered and are integral to the amenities available to families.

(Source - camneelyfoundation.org)

Maggie's New Address Is

The Neely House Attention: Maggie Rudnicki 750 Washington St Boston, Ma 02111

I know that Lauren, Maggie and the entire family have been thrilled with the volume of mail they have received. It's really kept their spirits high to hear from so many people from Maine and throughout the country! Please keep the letters and cards going!

We'll have more from Lauren later, it was a long night last night as the home health nurse was there until 9 PM going over the medicines, how to do the TPN, but when I asked Lauren how they slept, the answer was great! If you have ever slept in the hospital, you know you really don't sleep fitfully as there are the monitors and the nurses coming in to check vitals etc. Last night, for the first time in what has to feel like forever, there was no beeps!