The news that 18-year old Tylar Michaud of Stueben and a recent Sumner High School graduate, is missing at sea, while lobstering has devastated the Downeast Maine Community.

People deal with grief in a variety of ways, and for those who may have gone to school with Tylar, this is especially heartbreaking.

Jackson Green, the Principal of Sumner Memorial High School has announced

"That we have arranged for mental health experts to be available on campus Monday, July 24th  from 8:00 - 5:00pm to provide support to any students, staff members, or community members who may require assistance in coping with their emotions and grief. These professionals will be accessible for one-on-one sessions and group discussions to offer guidance and understanding during this challenging time. We encourage all students and community members to take advantage of this support and reach out to each other for strength."

Charles M. Sumner Learning Campus via Facebook
Charles M. Sumner Learning Campus via Facebook
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