Students are starting to get ready to attend college and before they do, we wanted to recognize the students from Hancock and Washington Counties who earned recognition on the Spring 2023 Dean's List at the University of Southern Maine.

Congratulations on your hard work, and for those attending the Fall 2023 semester, best of luck!

  • Bernard - Ava Lawson
  • Blue Hill - Harriet Fitzpatrick
  • Brooklin - Isabelle Hurley
  • Brooksville - Abigail Parker
  • Bucksport - Melisa Wortham
  • Dedham - Gabby Gonzales
  • Ellsworth - Sydeny Garrity
  • Ellsworth - Ashley King
  • Franklin - Holly Ibarguen
  • Lamoine - Isaac Weaver
  • Mount Desert - Sarah King
  • Penobscot - Zachary Bechard
  • Prospect Harbor - Maia DeRosear
  • Sedgwick - Jase Herrick
  • Sedwick - Charlie Tomson Ivano
  • Southwest Harbor - Amber Munoz
  • Eastport - Sage Barlett
  • Machias - Jason Weaver
  • Marshfield - Lucy Kilton
  • Waite - Kadie Crowe
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