One of the most fun days in Bar Harbor happens on Saturday, November 11th this year, with the Annual Bar Harbor Bed Races! This year, the event will take place from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Imagine if you will Cottage Street closed down from The Criterion to Main Street and the sidewalks lined with cheering spectators, most dressed in their pajamas! That's what happens during the Bed Races, and we want you to participate!

Teams of 5 propel their beds up and down Cottage Street, stopping in a challenge area!

A full list of the rules and registration information may be found HERE

You can enter your own bed, but if you have a team, and don't have a bed, no need to worry, because the Bar Harbor Inn is donating 2 beds for teams to use!

Registration is only $25.00 and the more the merrier!

Last year there were 13 teams competing! It would be great to have as many if not more for this year's event!

Last year, the Top 4 teams advanced to the semifinals. The results of the Top 4 were

  1. Bed Subcommittee - 37.63
  2. Bar Harbor Inn and Spa - 38.57
  3. The Napping House - 40.56
  4. Acadia Youth Sports - 44.12

So the final 2 teams were Bed Subcommittee and Bar Harbor Inn and Spa!

After they raced, Bed Subcommittee were declared the winners with a blazing time of 37.15, a world record time. The Bar Harbor Inn and Spa finished with a respectable time of 40.00!

Check out the photos from 2022

2022 Bar Harbor Bed Races

Crowds lined Cottage Street in Bar Harbor to watch 15 teams race up and down in 60 degree weather on November 11th during the Annual Bar Harbor Bed Races

Gallery Credit: Chris Popper

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