I don’t know about all pet owners but I can tell you that I watch my little bundle of fluffy love like a hawk. Is she eating enough, too much, getting out to play, etc. Knowing that I am not unique I can totally see a market for this fitness monitor for your dog. Unfortunately for me there isn’t one for bunnies yet.

The new doggie collar gadget is called a FitBit for Dogs and it monitors everything about them from their exercise, heart and respiratory rates as well as counting calories which could help owners and vets spot potential health problems.

‘Voyce’ the producers of this collar device claims the FitBit for Dogs uses special algorithms and will provide owners with trends about their dog’s health and fitness, which they can view using an app. And they say ‘All of these data points come together to paint a more complete picture of your dog’s well-being.'

This collar and app was developed in collaboration with Cornell University, biomedical engineers and dog experts.

The hope is that similar to human beings if a medical condition is found early enough in your pet it will reduce the cost of treatment and impact on the dog’s life.

Let’s hope it saves you at least $300.00 because that is the price tag on this new tech for your pooch.

I think one of the more impressive aspects of the device is that it gets to know your dog specifically and will even send you tips on how to improve their health and training.

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