Here's my one bit of advice to you ... Let your inner child out to play every now and then!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

Before I went to Brewer this morning to record the weather, the neighbor's next door were setting up the splash pool on their front lawn! They came at me with their squirt guns wanting to play! I told them when I came home I would!

So no sooner then when I pulled into my driveway they were ready. I went inside, put on some shorts and grabbed a bucket and went out! 5 on 1... pretty even odds if I say so myself!

I was soaked in minutes but I gave as good as I got! And let's face it, is there a loser when the temperature is 80 degrees and the sun is out and you're soaking wet? Heck no!

It's what I needed! Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in work, and day-to-day activities that we forget to let our inner child come out and play!

Go buy a bag of popsicles or sidewalk chalk at the store! Buy a watermelon, or supplies for s'mores!  Be the 1st to suggest that you create a hopscotch course, trace dead bodies in the street or a 4-square game. For dessert make s'mores with your kids. Be gross and have a watermelon seed spitting contest! In other words make memories!

And if you don't have children at home, do these things with your neighbors, like I did.

Remember all work and no play makes for a dull boy or girl!

And don't forget that when the snow flies... and it won't be too long, you can start a snowball fight, suggest building a snowman or snow angels! Be the joy!

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