The MDI Boy's Indoor Track and Field Team finished 1st and the Girls finished 5th in the Indoor Track and Field Meet at the University of Maine on Saturday, January 14th.

The Boy's results were 1. MDI Tied for 2 Hampden Academy and Bangor, 4. Orono 5. John Bapst 6. Bucksport 7. Foxcroft Academy 8. Central

To see all the individual boy's results click HERE

MDI Boy's highlights include Thorin Smith finishing 2nd in the 1 mile run. Stephen Grierson finished 5th in the 1 Mile Run and 2 Mile Run. Griffin Maristany finished 1st  in the 400 Meter Dash. Liam Higgins finished 3rd in the 400 Meter Dash. Croix Albee finished 1st in the Shot Put. Sam Hoff finished 3rd in the Shot Put. Giovanni McKenzie finished 1stin the Triple Jump. Noah Hutchinson finished 1st in the High Jump, Deandre Reid finished 3rd in the High Jump and Nicholas Reznick finished 3rd in the 800 Meter Dash.

The Girl's results were 1. Bangor 2. John Bapst 3. Orono 4. Hampden Academy. 5. MDI 6. Central 7. Bucksport 8. Foxcroft Academy

To see all the individual girl's results click HERE

MDI Girl's highlights include Zoe Olson finishing 2nd in the 1 mile Run and 800 Meter Run; Ashley Anderson finishing 1st in the 400 Meter Dash; Tia Tardy finishing 1st in the 800 Meter Run and Dorothy LeMoine finishing 3rd in the Shot Put

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