I am pleased to share the following from Tony McKim, the Chairman of the Board of the Maine Banker's Association.

"The Banking Industry in Maine has taken action!! As bankers and community members we recognize that during this time of crisis and self-quarantine many of our fellow Mainers will be forced to choose their medication and other needs, over food. Our school children that depend on our education system for a square meal may be forced to go without. We cannot stand for this!

Did you know, that even before the COVID-19 crisis, in one of our Maine counties 1 in 5 children go to bed hungry? Imagine what this number will balloon into in the days ahead!

Yesterday, (March 17th) and in literally 8 hours, our Maine Bankers banded together to pledge $61,000 to food pantries across the State. We are committed as an industry to play our part in eliminating food insecurity. We will be working with our CEOs to get this money distributed as quickly, and as thoughtfully, as possible.

“Leading the charge to assist Maine citizens is not new territory for our banks”, stated Chris Pinkham, President of  Maine Bankers Association.  “At the core of all banking is service, in good times and in bad. We pledge to work together to help our communities weather this storm by providing some relief to our neighbors in need.”

By this release, Maine Bankers are challenging other trade associations across the state and banking associations across the country to band together, target food insecurity or another passion, and do your part. We are in this TOGETHER as a State and as a Country."

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