Wednesday July 1st Update - Max is home!

Nothing worse than having your lost best friend out there somewhere on a Monday morning.

This 185 lbs. male Brindle Mastiff went missing yesterday in the town of Hancock, somewhere around the area of Old Route 1.  Apparently this very friendly and Gentle giant has been around for a while, but no age was given within the post.

If seen, please either call Crystal at 207-460-7611, or message Jillian Bye on Facebook.

The call to be on the lookout was put out yesterday, Sunday, and as of 7 this Monday morning the big boy was still on the loose.  In the time since his disappearance, he could have made it to Franklin or even Ellsworth.

Brindle Mastiffs have a apricot background color with dark stripes and a black face.  This guy because of his age has some gray whiskers on his snout.  Mastiffs may be a huge dog with males being as large as 230 lbs. but they're very good-nature d and make wonderful pets.  However, Mastiffs are not recommended for a family with young children because of they size.

A dog this size shouldn't be too hard to eventually spot.  We hope that our big friend is found soon and that his owner's day is made!

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