Deb Neuman is the President of the Bangor Chamber of Commerce. Back in December 1996 she was involved in a bad accident on Route 1 in Dedham. She posted the following story in the Facebook group Downeast Maine Road Traffic and Conditions.

She's hoping that you can help her identify her Christmas angel!

"Long shot here … On December 13, 1996 I was in a bad accident when the roads turned to black ice on the way to Bangor just before the Dedham school. I pulled off the road and was hit by another car. I had a trunk full of Christmas presents I planned to mail out to my family that day. I was knocked out and came to hearing the voice of a man who was holding my head so I wouldn’t move. I vaguely remember telling him about the gifts 🎁 I needed to mail:). Little did I know the trunk was crushed. Little did I know… as I was sent to the hospital… he mailed those gifts for me:). They arrived at their destination days later. All these years later I would love to thank that person. HIs kindness that day likely saved my life and he saved my Christmas. If anyone has any idea who that was… ??? Let me know. He was my angel that day."

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