A lobster boat crew off Harrington pulled in an unusual catch this week when they saved a deer that was drifting out to sea.

I'm sure lobster fishermen find all kinds of things when they're at sea, like debris that gets caught in their lines, or fish that find their way into the traps. But I wouldn't be surprised to learn that this is the first time a lobster boat has carried a deer back to shore.

Ren Dorr posted the pictures on Facebook, explaining they found the deer five miles offshore. They knew he would drown if he didn't get some help, so they pulled him onto the ship and gave him a ride back to the beach. Once the deer was safely on land, they headed out for a day's work.

Ren Dorr, Shawn Dowling, and Jared Thaxter, the world needs more people like you. Well done, guys. It was the deer's lucky day when you happened by.

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