You've heard of tiny homes, but what about skinny homes?

There are many examples of skinny buildings that could easily be missed while strolling by, particularly in bustling cities. Take the well-known revenge home constructed in Boston for example. It was specifically built to obstruct the view of the builder's brother's home, situated directly behind it.

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Boston's Skinny Revenge House
CL Properties/Zillow

Then there are skinny houses that exist out of sheer necessity. When you are dealt limited space in a highly sought-after area, you build skinny and you build up. An example of this would be the Keret House in Poland, which is said by New Atlas to be the "world's narrowest living space."

The Skinny House in South Freeport, Maine

However, in Maine, there's a mysteriously enchanting home nestled at the edge of Casco Bay in South Freeport. Unlike the examples already mentioned, this house doesn't seem to have been built for reasons of revenge or obstruction.

This house is all about the view.

Skinny House of Maine
Townsquare Media

While there may be smaller houses than this one, it's challenging to find anything quite like it in terms of its slender and towering design. Resembling a charming miniature skyscraper, South Freeport's skinny house gives a distinct Rapunzel-like vibe.

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Who Built Maine's Skinny House?

Details on who built this towering beauty are pretty hard to come by. The only info I was able to dig up was from Julie Zickfoose, who mentions in her quick blog post about the skinny house's across-the-street neighbor—the remnants of the Casco Casco hotel—that an architect built the home. If this is the case, it makes perfect sense.

Maine's Beautiful Skinny House
Leanne Barschdorf Nichols, Keller Williams Realty

One of the 4-story home's most striking features is a corner cut-out opening which is seemingly supported by a single branch. This can be seen in a former real estate listing photo.

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The branch is a bold visual move that only a talented architect could dream up and our assumption is that there is support hidden inside the branch, but the fact we are asking means the architect did their job and they did it well.

Maine Skinny Home
Leanne Barschdorf Nichols, Keller Williams Realty

While it does appear that the skinny house sits alone on a small sliver of land at the edge of Casco Bay, past real estate sales listings do indicate that the structure is part of a parcel of land containing an additional cottage that is closer to the water and equally as cozy.

Maine's Skinniest House
Leanne Barschdorf Nichols, Keller Williams Realty

Appropriately described in 2018 as "a true marvel of a property" the houses sit on .59 acres on the scenic Harraseeket Drive, just a short walk from the popular Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster restaurant.

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The skinny house is all about the views and another look at the real estate listing reveals the incredible view from the structure's third-floor porch, shown below.

Skinny House Porch
Leanne Barschdorf Nichols, Keller Williams Realty

A 'Towering' Neighbor Across the Street

It's difficult to say if the architect drew inspiration from the nearby Casco Castle tower, which stands almost directly across the street from the skinny house. The mysterious and looming 185-foot tower, formerly part of a castle-themed resort, burned down in 1914.  However, both structures share a common purpose: to maximize the enjoyment of Maine's stunning coastal beauty.

Casco Castle Tower
Townsquare Media

WARNING: Private Property

Now comes the serious stuff. The skinny house and the Casco Castle tower are both on private property and under no circumstances should you approach either. You can, however, appreciate them both from the street. Please be respectful.

BONUS: Look closely around the small neighborhood where the skinny house is situated and you will notice rock walls and gates, all of which were part of the massive former Casco Castle resort.

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