Just about every Maine stereotype is represented in this one!

During the course of this 4-hour miniseries, you neer heard so many "ayuh's" and "bubs"

Anytime an actor attempts an accent in a movie, or TV show, it can be a tricky thing. Even some of the best to ever do it, take a mighty tumble. The Maine accent in particular, is one that has been done poorly over the years, taking things to an almost cartoonish level of absurdity.

Way back in 1999, ABC, aired a 5 night movie event, from February 14th-February 18th, that just happens to be the work of Bangor's most famous celebrity, Stephen King.

"Storm of The Century", is about a dangerous blizzard that hits an isolated town and brings along a mysterious stranger intent on terrorizing people for his own desires.

Probably the most notable name in the cast is Tim Daly, who plays Constable Michael "Mike" Anderson. You may remember him from the show "Wings"

Also known as "Stephen King's Storm of the Century", this American horror television miniseries, was written by Stephen King, and unlike many other television adaptations of his work, Storm of the Century was not based on a novel, but was an original screenplay written especially TV.

King has called it his personal favorite of all the TV productions related to his work.

It was was published as a mass-market book in February 1999, prior to the broadcast of the mini-series.

The movies is actually quite entertaining, but oh mama, are those Maine accents bad! I had a hard time finding one credible attempt at it, from any of the actors involved.

If you are bummed that we haven't had much in the way of powerful storms this winter, spend some time streaming this on Hulu

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