With the planned detours of the Route 3 Corridor this summer in Bar Harbor a question arose how that might affect the free Island Explorer and their routes. I spoke with Paul at the Island Explorer on Friday, April 21st and this is what I found out.

The Route 3 construction will affect the Island Explorer and specifically the #1 Campground Route. In fact there will NOT be a #1 Campground Route this summer. Not to panic, the folks at the Island Explorer are creating two new routes  which have yet to be named.

The first will run from the Village Green out on Route 3 as far as the Oceanarium or in that vicinity and then back to the Village Green. All campgrounds that had been serviced will continue to be serviced

The second will run from the Village Green out the Eagle Lake Road, through Somesville and into Trenton and then back the same route.

Departure times, and names of these routes are still being finalized and we will pass along the information once we receive it.


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