Sunday, July 16th is National Ice Cream Day! In a calendar full of funny "National _____ Day", this is one I can fully endorse, probably 2 scoops full!

My mother's parents lived in Framingham Massachusetts, and they used to have a poster of Friendly's Ice Cream in their kitchen, next to the fridge. It was a mountain of scoops of Friendly's Ice Cream. My grandfather used to eat at Friendly's every weekday for lunch, he'd have a hamburger and a scoop of peach ice cream.

When I first moved to Bangor, there was a Friendly's on Broadway. I used to stop in so frequently and order watermelon sherbert with chocolate jimmies they would see me come in and ask me if I wanted "the usual".

So, I want to know... what is your favorite flavor of ice cream and will you be having a scoop or two in honor of National Ice Cream Day?

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