Talk about music to the ears of children! The Good Humor Ice Cream Truck returned to Southwest Harbor on Sunday, May 29th for the 1st time in 16 years according to residents!

The driver, who used to visit Southwest Harbor when she drove previously, has said she will be visiting the Island and Southwest Harbor on Sundays! She is supposed to be working on a Facebook page, and if we find it, we will note it here.

This brings back such great memories of when my children were little. They would hear the Pop Goes the Weasel song from blocks away and come screaming into the house that the Good Humor truck was coming! Back then, most of the frozen treats were just a dollar.

When I was little, my father tells the story that he paid the Good Humor truck not to come on our street! He tells how the Good Humor truck would come down our street when we were trying to go to bed every night in the summer. Back then they rang bells rather than playing music and when  we would here the jingling, we'd jump out of bed and want to go get some ice cream!

There's nothing like a Bomb Pop, a Sponge Bob or a Toasted Almond or Strawberry Shortcake frozen treat to tell you summer is here!