Oh the places you will go! The Ellsworth High School Class of 2019 will graduate on Friday, June 14th, and Friday, June 7th is the Class of 2019's last day at school!  Wondering what the future plans are for members of the Class of 2019? Here's that the guidance department has forwarded to me

Jake Adams - Undecided
Kayla Agaman - UMaine (Undeclared)
Isaiah Albert - Husson University (Pre-Pharmacy)
Justin Allen - Employment
Andrew Atherton - Maine Maritime Academy (Marine Transportation)
Mark Berry - Roger Williams University (Marketing)
Dawson Bishoff - Husson University (Video Production)
Erin Bobo - Albright College (Environmental Studies)
Kaya Bowler - Eastern Maine Community College (Nursing)
Seth Boyer - Eastern Maine Community College (Eletricians Technology)
Faith Braley - Husson University (Health Sciences Pre-Pharmacy)
Emily Brown - UMaine Fort Kent (Education)
Carli Bryant - UMaine (Molecular/Cellular Biology)
Kendra Bryant - Employmnet
Matthew Burnett - University of Southern Maine (Business)
Hope Buza - University of Southern Maine (Communication)
Mackenzie Chipman - Husson University (Exercise Science/Physical Therapy)
Ellie Clarke - Husson University (Elementary Education)
Hunter Clark - UMaine Machias (Business)
Dakota Corbin - Eastern Maine Community College (Business Management)
Cameron Cote - Eastern Maine Community College (Electrical and Automation Technology)
Atticus Deeny - Drexel University (Music Industry)
Connor DeRaps - Eastern Maine Community College (Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning)
Ethan DesJardin - Maine Maritime Academy (Mechanical Engineering Technology)
James Doty - UMaine (Computer Engineering)
Nick Dunn - Eastern Maine Community College (Electrical Technology)
Olivia Dyer - University of Southern Maine (Art Education)
Jake Estes - Undecided
Hunter Fernald - Eastern Maine Community College (Criminology)
Carter Frank - University if Denver (Molecular Biology)
Margaret Frederick - Eastern Maine Community College (Liberal Studies)
Brandon Garland - Employment
Audrey Goodwin-Whitmore - University of New Hampshire (Zoology)
Keegan Grey - UMaine (Business/Finance)
Devin Grindle - Thomas College (Criminal Justice)
Riley Grindle - UMaine (Molecular Biology)
Sidney Hamilton - Husson University (Pharmacy)
Katie Hammer - UMaine Farmington (Elementary Education)
Nicholas Hansen - University of Idaho (Theter)
Cody Harper - University of Southern Maine (Theater/Performance)
Emma Henry - Lesley University (Illustration)
Grace High - UMaine Fort Kent (Nursing)
Camden Holmes -UMaine (Undeclared)
Peter Hoppe - Employment
Charles Hughes - Husson University (Sports Management)
Andrew Jackson - Eastern Maine Community College (Fine Carpentry/Woodworking)
Norman Jodrey - Eastern Maine Community College (Heating/Refrigeration/Air Conditioning)
Shelvadine Kendall - Eastern Maine Community College (Culinary Arts)
Chancelor Knowlton - Employment
Ethan Kohr - Undecided
Symphonie Lee - Employment
Michael Leger - Employment
Kiana Maddocks-Wilbur - Undecided
Beckett Markosian - Oberlin College (Hispanic Studies)
Benjamin Mazgaj - Maine Maritime Academy (Vessel Operations and Technology)
Shane McCarthy - US Army
Kaitlin McCullough - UMaine (Music Education)
Emma McKechnie - Occidental College (Studio Art)
Colby Micalizzi - Undecided
Tyler Mitchell - Southeast Lineman Training Center (Lineworker Technology)
Abby Moon - Eastern Maine Community College (Liberal Studies)
Will Morin - Employment
Gabriella Morse - Eastern Maine Community College (Culinary Arts)
Noah Neleski - US Marine Corps
Miriam Nelson - College of Saint Benedict (Environment Studies/Political Science)
Kristen Omlor - Eastern Maine Community College (Nursing)
Aaron Palmer - Southern Maine Community College (Hospitality)
Colby Patton - UMaine (Biochemistry)
Samuel Pelletier - Middlebury College (Environmental Sciences)
Isabelle Perry - Husson University (Nursing)
Sophia Petros - University of Southern Maine (Elementary Education)
Deanna Pinkham - UMaine Augusta (Mental Health/Human Services)
Erin Reed - UMaine Augusta (Liberal Studies)
Caleb Richards - Undecided
Larissa Richards - UMaine (Parks, Recreation and Tourism)
Olivia Robidoux - University of New England (Medical Biology/PA)
Collin Robinson - Eastern Maine Community College (Criminal Justice)
Addreanna Seavey - Husson University (Biology)
Khristi Sinford - UMaine Machias (Business)
Onecia Smith - Thomas College (Criminal Justice)
Victoria Smith - UMaine Augusta (Liberal Studies)
Sydney Stevens - Husson University (Nursing)
Alexsis Stover - Employment
Malcolm Svec - UMaine (Undecided)
Nicholas Taylor - US Marine Corps
Sierra Traxler - Employment
Samuel Updike - University of Rhode Island (Textile Marketing)
Yevgeniya Vinyeyeva - Employment
Maria Wagenknecht - UMaine (Biomedical Engineering)
Conner Wagstaff - Southern New Hampshire (Criminology)
Danyelle Wallace - Eastern Maine Community College (Liberal Studies)
Nycole Wallace-DeJulio - Eastern Maine Community College (Liberal Studies)
Robert Walters - Downeast Horizons
Caleb Wasson - Undecided
Javon Williams - Colby College (Cellular/Molecular Biomedical)
Dennis Williams - Eastern Maine Community College (Automotive)
Victoria Woods - Employment
Madison Worcester -Beal College (Nursing)
Kaitlyn Worster - Warren Wilson College (Environmental Studies/Social Work)

Note - If your plans have changed and they are reflected incorrectly please email chris.popper@townsquaremedia.com so we can update this

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