I spent the morning at Ellsworth High School today, taking video and photos during the Every 15 Minutes Program. Even though it's the 3rd time I've been through this biannual program, it still is as sobering. You can see the looks on the faces of not only the students, but the teachers and first responders to see how serious they took it.

After the crash, students went to the Hancock County Courthouse for the sentencing phase. Aliza Dwyer who was the student portraying the drunk driver was taken to the Hancock County Jail, where she took a breathalyzer, was fingerprinted, changed into a jail jumper and placed in a holding cell. Grace High and Bradly Smith who were "injured" in the crash were taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital for treatment in an ambulance.

Students tonight are spending the night away from their parents. They don't have their cell phones, they don't have IPADs. They are writing letters to their parents and will participate in a video for their parents.

Tomorrow, there will be a funeral at Ellsworth High School for Maya McCabe and Conner Wagstaff who "died" in the crash. After that, parents and students will be reunited.

I will post the video produced by the media department at HCTC tomorrow at 12 Noon. It's embargoed until then, as it will be shown at the funeral.

In the meantime, here's my live video from today and photos. The photos are graphic, but remember the students were "made up" to look this way. The looks on the faces of the students, teachers, staff and first responders are genuine.



Every 15 Minutes 2018

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