Don't close your eyes on Ellsworth High School's Rylynn Clark. A rising sophomore, she was just named America's Civic Miss Teen 2023 July Photo Contest winner.

The amount of energy that Rylynn has is absolutely amazing. Last year she embraced her 1st year at Ellsworth High School taking part in the Mad Jester's production of
"High School Musical". She was a member of the Show Choir and also was on the cheering team and the JV softball team. Plus she seemed to be one of the biggest proponents of Ellsworth High School, seemingly always resharing positive stories about the High School on Facebook.

According to their Facebook Page America's Civic Miss Teen recognizes women for school, work and community involvement; communication; confidence and individuality. We want you to love the skin your in! ACM platform is ROCK (Raise Outstanding Confident Kind Women) that crown!

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