The Ellsworth School Board met Friday night, September 11th and unanimously approved the resumption of High School Athletics subject to the guidance and modifications of the recommendations of the Maine Principal Association. The recommendation would be that the teams would compete against schools within Hancock County or adjacent counties

This would include Golf, Soccer and Cross Country. Cross Country would be dual or tri meets with staggered starts

Volleyball would begin with conditioning and skill development and would be reviewed on or around October 1st to decide whether there would be outdoor matches against other Hancock County teams.

Sideline Cheer would be allowed and cheer at soccer matches

Football - Would begin with conditioning and skill development. On or around October 1st there would be a decision to play 7 vs. 7 Flag Football vs. Hancock County Teams

The playing of games and practices would all be subject to the limits on outdoor gathering, social distancing and masking protocols.

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