Approximately 650 students enrolled in the Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG) from across the State of Maine, representing 65 high schools met at Thomas College on Tuesday, March 27th for competition. Ellsworth High School went with 7 students, led by JMG Specialist Jake Hackett.

(L-R) Jake Hackett, Amber Kennedy, Juileannah Merritt, Larissa Richards, Javen Clarke, Ethan Boynton, Alicia Kelley, and Deanna Pinkham Not Present - Erin Reed)

The Ellsworth High School students competed in 10 events, placing in 4 of them. The first trophy of the day went to Deanna Pinkham and Javen Clarke for the "JMG Know It All" contest.

Ethan Boyce earned a trophy for his "interview skills", and Larissa Richards and Deanna Pinkham earned recognition for the "JMG Career Association Marketplace Booth Presentation".

Finally Erin Reed won for her "Online Application Submission". Erin was unable to attend, so Juileannah Merritt accepted the award on her behalf.

According to Jake Hackett

The students were polite, professional, hardworking, punctual and super competitive. I am so proud of our students, and I know the juniors that will get to go back next year are already thinking of ways to improve on our success this year.