26 Ellsworth High School Students were inducted into the National Honor Society on Tuesday, March 26th.

Photo Lisa Landry Stevens
Photo Lisa Landry Stevens

The following 11 Seniors were inducted: Riley Grindle, Sydney Stevens, Kristen Omlor, Olivia Robidoux, Nick Hansen, Keegan Grey, Norman Jodrey, Aaron Palmer, Khristi Sinford,  Abby Moon and  Hope Buza.

The following 15 Juniors were inducted: Alec Leathers, Samantha Simmons, Rory Burmeister, Caitlin McPherson, Trinity Montigny, Genna Cutshall, Edie Salzig, Kristen Mosley, Mike Kazmerczak, Colby Hamilton, Brooke Carver, Emma Whitney, Sam Holler, Brianna Simpson, Maddie Nida, and Evelyn Howie.

They joined the 22 current members Atticus Deeny, Kaitlyn Worster, Emma McKechnie, Mark Berry, Olivia Dyer, Javon Williams, Conner Wagstaff,  Audrey Goodwin-Whitmore, Kaitlin McCullough, Beckett Markosian, Carter Frank, Devin Grindle, Elie Clarke, Emma Henry, Grace High, Sidney Hamilton, Katie Hammer, Miriam Nelson, Sam Pelletier, Deanna Pinkham, Maria Wagenknecht and Mackenzie Chipman.

Thanks to Katie Hammer for the information

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