The Ellsworth and Bucksport Unified Basketball Teams battled on January 31, 2019 at Katsiaficas Gymnasium and even though Bucksport won the game, there were no losers.

I'm very excited to report that Ellsworth is fielding a Unified Cheering Team this year!

Photo Ellsworth High School
Photo Ellsworth High School

On the team are Emma Whitney, Kate Friedell, Tanner Harrison and Kerrigan Shorey

Ellsworth scored 34 points in the game. Robbie Water had 12 points, Brandon Garland had 8 points, Makayla Chase 6 points, Rob di Pretoro 4 points and Jacey Morse and Abby Counter had 2 points each.

Bucksport scored 77 points in the game. Camden Hatch had 16 points, Hunter Howard-Emerson had 14 points. Nick Johnson had 10 points. Caleb Robideaux had 8 points. Jacob Pyles, Berleeann Bouchard and Justin Chambers had 6 points each. Luke Breidt had 4 points and Quincy Howes-Mosher had a 3 pointer. Charlie Wescott and Zachary Hutchins had 2 points.

Ellsworth Unified Basketball will play host to MDI on Monday, February 4th at 3:30 and then will play at MDI on Wednesday, February 6th at 3:30

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