Let's face it, COVID-19 has ruined a lot of traditions, but Ellsworth High School was able to celebrate Senior Recognition Night in shifts before the basketball games began on Monday, February 22nd. Honored tonight were the seniors participating in Indoor Track, Cheering and Girls Basketball along with their parents. Check out the photos.

Beck Deeny - Indoor Track and his mom Celeste Photo Chris Popper
Henry Scheff - Indoor Track and parents Sharon and Jeff Scheff Photo Chris Popper
Bailey Bishoff - Indoor Track and parents Marlena and Doug Bishoff Photo Chris Popper
Sara Shea - Indoor Track and parents Karen and Rob Shea Photo Chris Popper
Lexi Rossi - Cheering and mom Heather Hammond
Hannah Richardson - Girls Basketball and parents Theresa and Jerry Richardson Photo Chris Popper
Samantha Higgins - Girls Basket ball and parents Tina Porter and Richard Higgins Photo Chris Popper
Sierra Andrews - Girls Basketball and parents Holly and William Andrews Photo Chris Popper
Autumn Paul - Girls Basketball and parents Kelly and David Paul Photo Chris Popper
Ella Hubbard - Girls Basketball and parents and Shawn Porter and Loren Hubbard Photo Chris Popper
Samantha Carter - Girls Basketball and mom Michelle Reed Photo Chris Popper
Kylie Robidoux - Girls Basketball and mom Jennifer Robidoux Photo Chris Popper