Ellsworth High School selected the newest members of the National Honor Society last week. While members will have to wait until Spring for the formal induction ceremony, we wanted to make sure to congratulate them publicly.

Ellsworth High School (Heidi Omlor)
Ellsworth High School (Heidi Omlor)

Thanks to Dr. Heidi Omlor the NHS Advisor for sending the list along!

  • Lily Bean
  • Whitney Clarke
  • Noah DiDonato
  • Leif Ford
  • Cady Gleason
  • Hollis Grindal
  • Brielle Grindle
  • Olivia Harmon
  • Natalie Jagels
  • Dylan Kerns
  • Ava Kidder
  • Olivia Leighton
  • Sydney Libby
  • Taylor Libby
  • Conor MacDonald
  • Kelly Malcolm
  • Brooke Pirie
  • Adriana Richardson
  • Elise Sargent
  • Natalie Sawyer
  • Olivia Snow
  • Brynn Stephenson
  • Anna Stevens
  • Jayden Sullivan
  • Noah Young

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