According to Ian Browne of the Boston Red Sox announced today, Tuesday, July 7th that Eduardo Rodriguez, the expected starting day pitcher, and Bobby Dalbec, one of the Red Sox's top prospects have both tested positive for the coronavirus.

Rodriguez, who had a career year in 2019 led the Boston pitching staff with a 19-6 record, throwing 203.1 innings. He struck out 213 batters, starting 34 games. He is still at home in Florida.

Dalbec, is asymptomatic and is Arizona. He split 2019 between AAA Pawtucket and AA Portland hitting .239 knocking in 27 homers and 73 runs batted in.

They join Darwinzon Hernandez and Josh Taylor, both left handed pitchers who have also tested positive for COVID-19.

The Red Sox open their 60 game schedule on Friday, July 24th at home against the Baltimore Orioles at 7:30 p.m. That game and all the regular season games will be broadcast on AM 1370 WDEA in Downeast Maine and WOZI 101.9 in Aroostook County.

Red Sox Schedule

FridayJuly 247:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
SaturdayJuly 251:35vs. Baltimore Orioles
SundayJuly 261:35vs. Baltimore Orioles
MondayJuly 277:30vs. New York Mets
Tuesday July 287:30vs. New York Mets
WednesdayJuly 297:10at New York Mets
ThursdayJuly 307:15at New York Mets
Friday July 317:05at New York Yankees
SaturdayAugust 17:15at New York Yankees
SundayAugust 27:08at New York Yankees
MondayAugust 3offoff
Tuesday August 46:40at Tampa Bay Rays
WednesdayAugust 56:40at Tampa Bay Rays
ThursdayAugust 6offoff
FridayAugust 77:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SaturdayAugust 87:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SundayAugust 91:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
MondayAugust 107:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
TuesdayAugust 117:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
WednesdayAugust 127:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
ThursdayAugust 134:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Friday August 147:05at New York Yankees
SaturdayAugust 157:15at New York Yankees
SundayAugust 167:08at New York Yankees
Monday August 177:05at New York Yankees
TuesdayAugust 187:30vs. Philadelphia Phillies
WednesdayAugust 191:35vs. Philadelphia Phillies
ThursdayAugust 207:35at Baltimore Orioles
Friday August 217:35at Baltimore Orioles
Saturday August 227:35at Baltimore Orioles
SundayAugust 231:05at Baltimore Orioles
MondayAugust 24offoff
Tuesday August 256:37at Toronto Blue Jays
WednesdayAugust 266:37at Toronto Blue Jays
ThursdayAugust 276:37at Toronto Blue Jays
FridayAugust 287:30vs. Washington Senators
SaturdayAugust 297:30vs. Washington Senators
SundayAugust 301:35vs. Washington Senators
MondayAugust 317:30vs. Atlanta Braves
TuesdaySeptember 17:30vs. Atlanta Braves
WednesdaySeptember 27:30vs. Atlanta Braves
Thursday September 37:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
Friday September 47:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SaturdaySeptember 57:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SundaySeptember 61:35vs. Toronto Blue Jays
MondaySeptember 7offoff
TuesdaySeptember 87:05at Philadelphia Phillies
Wednesday September 94:05at Philadelphia Phillies
Thursday September 106:40at Tampa Bay Rays
FridaySeptember 116:40at Tampa Bay Rays
SaturdaySeptember 126:40at Tampa Bay Rays
SundaySeptember 131:10at Tampa Bay Rays
MondaySeptember 146:40at Miami Marlins
TuesdaySeptember 156:40at Miami Marlins
WednesdaySeptember 166:40at Miami Marlins
ThursdaySeptember 17offoff
FridaySeptember 187:30vs. New York Yankees
SaturdaySeptember 197:30vs. New York Yankees
SundaySeptember 201:35vs. New York Yankees
MondaySeptember 21offoff
TuesdaySeptember 227:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
WednesdaySeptember 237:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
ThursdaySeptember 247:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
Friday September 257:10vs. Atlanta Braves
SaturdaySeptember 267:10vs. Atlanta Braves
SundaySeptember 273:10vs. Atlanta Braves

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