Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! Are you ready? You're going to need green food coloring, especially if you have young children!

When our children were little, they didn't really like corned beef and cabbage, so we would have green pancakes for dinner! We had green pancakes for years! Just make your pancake batter or purchase the Bisquick shake containers and add green food coloring! An instant hit!

Chances are you have had green beer in your life. Don't forget the children! No, not beer, but green milk! Cereal? Yes! Add green milk!

Years when we had lots of snow on the ground, I would get a spray bottle and add green food coloring to water and go outside and spray a bunch of the snow so it would be green or would write a note to the kids in the snow from the leprechaun.

Now, here's something I wish I had done, but always forgot! Tonight, before you go to bed, take some green food coloring and add it to your toilet bowls throughout the house. As soon as the toilet is flushed in the morning, the water is green! The more coloring, the deeper the green. When your child starts calling you and telling you that the water is green, you can tell them that the leprechaun must have visited your house!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper
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