I probably found this article in Yahoo! interesting partly because I'm reading the "Twilight" series. Monsters have become part of my day. But I never thought of getting insurance! Did you know that you can buy insurance to protect you in case the Loch Ness Monster decides to take a piece out of you? You can!

The legendary Loch Ness monster turns 80 this week and, although there's never been any concrete proof that Nessie exists, some people aren't taking any chances! Scottish Cruise Line, Jacobite Cruises is protecting themselves and their passengers with a one point five million dollar insurance policy against any damage done by the Loch Ness Monster. It may seem silly, but they're getting lots of free publicity for it!

And they're not alone in this. In 2006, more than 100 triathletes required to swim in Loch Ness were insured for more than a million dollars each in the instance of a Nessie bite.

Goodfellow Rebbecca Ingram Pierson will insure you in the case of alien abduction. Of course, proving the claim might be tricky!

England's Royal Falcon Hotel took out a policy against any damage done to the hotel or its patrons by the facility's resident poltergeist.

Lloyd's of London will insure you against vampire bites if you travel to Transylvania!

And in Japan, you can take out insurance to protect yourself from the Giant Crab.

So....remember, if you're expecting to run across any monsters, it's possible to take out insurance! Of course, if you really DO come across a monster, it will probably be your family collecting the money!