Popularity is a thing now. Believe it or not, ignore it or not, there is something trending each day. But what I love finding are those rarely unheard of places. The unique spots that travel bloggers aren't raving about.

Maine is full of towns, nooks and crannies tucked away many are unaware of. We all know about most of the grand beaches and getaway towns but did you know what the most underrated town in Maine is?

Located at the southern part of Deer Isle sits a little town called Stonington and it has earned this title.

According to Love Exploring, Stonington is the most underrated town in Maine.

Do you agree with this? How is this measured? Does someone go out and poll people all around the state and ask them if they know about this town?

The town is beautiful and is linked by a bridge from Deer Isle to the mainland, according to Stonington.org. It is also said that once you are there, you won't want to leave. The town is also immersed in the arts with an opera house, beautiful views, live music, and fantastic food.

Hopefully now that I am telling you about this town, it will move from being unknown and no longer be considered underrated by who ever the "underrated judges" are.

An artsy town, located near water, with great food, people, theatre and entertainment does not seem like it's earned that name to me. What do you think?

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