I know lots of people have a tradition of having family Christmas Pajamas where everyone gets a new set of matching jammies. I think it's time, even though my kids are grown adults to start this tradition!

We have a lot of Christmas traditions that we take part in as a family. They include

  • The boys get an ornament for their own tree, that signifies something significant or fun in their life that year. We've been doing that since they were little, and they each have around 25 keepsake ornaments.
  • The boys can open 1 present from under the tree on Christmas Eve. I think this dates to the fact that my wife's family opened their presents on Christmas Eve.
  • We have a Christmas Countdown wooden knick-knack and Collin was responsible for removing a peg a day, bringing Santa closer to the bottom of the chimney.
  • We always have scrambled eggs, bacon and fried tomatoes for breakfast on Christmas Day.


With the fact that most of these are advising 3 weeks or so for delivery, if I'm going to do it, I need to pull the trigger on it this week to insure that they arrive in time for Christmas Eve. Now the question is should I ask my wife what set to order,, or just do it and surprise her?

I should look for sets that have something matching for the Danes, but when I mentioned it to Elmer this morning, he just looked at me as if saying "Dad, don't make me pee on your leg! If you dress me up in that foolishness that's what's going to happen!"

Fine.. but there will be a picture of you with reindeer antlers Elmer... so get ready!

Who knew there were so many sets to choose from? Here are just a few selections available from Amazon



  • Amazon

    Merry Christmas Antlers with Plaid Pants

    CHRISTMAS Deer: Classic Red Plaid Cartoon Deer bottom and matching long-sleeved tops with Christmas deer make these PJs perfect for Christmas festivities. For more info or to order

  • Amazon

    Christmas Tree

    I like this set! The tree looks like it goes from the pants all the way up to the shirt! Cuffed bottom legs and a matching scarf for the Danes!  Amazon says this is a best seller! For more info or to order

  • Amazon


  • Amazon

    Rudolph - Elf

    How cute are these? A Rudolph Reindeer complete with the red nose on the top and elf legs! This is definitely a top-contender! For more info or to order