Some pretty severe weather worked its way through Downeast Maine Wednesday afternoon. The National weather service issued warnings of hazardous weather and severe thunderstorms starting early in the day.

Reports of heavy rain, strong winds, and in some spots even large hail started to pour in online. Followed then by reports of trees down, power outages and some damage to structures in the storm's path.

Morgan Wenworth's Husband, Chris, was at home in Orland, cooking dinner, at about 3PM, when all of the sudden, the storm blasted through their yard.

"He was actually cooking burgers on the grill on the deck when it started downpouring. He jumped inside, leaving the burgers on the grill and that's where they stayed until the storm passed. It was so quick."

"It was around 3pm and it was in my backyard on School House Rd in Orland .I was just amazed on how quick it came up and 15 minutes later it was done ."

About 40 minutes later, Cyndi Ingrisano was at Lamoine State Park when she caught this photo.

Lamoine State Park, Cyndi Ingrisano

Ingrisano said it rained like the dickens for about 5 minutes and then was gone as quickly as it had arrived.

Lamoine State Park, Cyndi Ingrisano 2

Almost 3 hours later, Jason Sanchez was at his house in Bass Harbor and caught what he described as an enormous cloud that looked like "an alien space craft" in the sky overhead. Sanchez says right after that, quarter-size hail started to fall.

Bass Harbor, Jason Sanchez

"The rain was about 30 minutes and the hail lasted maybe 10 minutes."

Bass Harbor, Jason Sanchez

Do you have any pictures or videos from Wednesday's storm system? Feel free to share them with us at our I-95 Rocks Facebook page.

And stay safe out there!

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