Officer Eric Kelley and Sgt. Brian Lunt responded to a report of an unwanted guest Monday night, according to a post on the Belfast Police Department's Facebook Page.

"The situation occurred when a woman was making her way down the Edgecomb Rd and noticed a family of raccoons walking along the roadway," Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said in the post. "She stopped to admire the family as they waddled around."

Police said that's when one of the young raccoons decided to climb up into the wheel well of the woman's car and refused to exit its new favorite resting place.

"Blowing the horn, coaxing with granola bars and the normal friendly attempts you might expect to get the critter out of there didn't work," McFadden said.

Police responded and used some gentle persuasion to get the critter out from underneath the woman's vehicle. The raccoon then rejoined its family.

"Please keep this little family of raccoons in mind when traveling down the Edgecomb Rd. I'm sure it's not going to be the last time they venture out into the roadway," McFadden said.