The answer is yes, but there are only a few places left!

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The Blockbuster days are over due to the rise of things like Redbox and Netflix. But what about us folks who are stuck in the past or feeling nostalgic and just want to re-watch an older flick on DVD?

We searched the state for places you could still walk into and select a movie off the shelves and here is what we found:

If you want to go to a video rental store near Bangor you're going to have to drive to the closest one in Belfast called Opera House Video. Your only other options are going to take you further south to Bath where you can find The River Bottom:Video Rentals, Games and More.

Travel further south in the state and you will find Bart and Greg's DVD Explosion in Brunswick and JET Video in Portland.

It seems the ONLY place to rent a movie in Bangor (other than Redbox) is Dave's Movie Center. After some research we found out they no longer have a large selection of movies with all ratings, instead they have a large selection of movies for a specific audience. We don't recommend this movie rental store if you are looking to rent a Disney movie.

If we include Redbox there are more than 70 places to rent a movie in Maine. See all of the Maine Redbox locations here.