I hate cancer. I have had cancer twice. My mother has had cancer. My father had cancer. And now a local child is having to fight the battle against cancer.

The 4some of Jon Nicholson, Tony Mckim, Kyle Mckim, and Andy Pooler are Tee’d off at cancer! These "gentlemen" will be playing 72 holes of golf at Kebo Valley Golf Course in Bar Harbor in support of a First National Bank colleague's son who has been diagnosed with leukemia. They'll start at sunrise and hope to be done by sunset

You can help them raise funds or the family to alleviate the costs associated with the treatment. If possible please stop by any branch of First National Bank and make a donation, or you can drop off a donation at Kebo Valley Golf Course on Saturday, July 24th.

There's a sign at the beginning of Kebo that says the course, 18 holes, should be played in 4 hours and 15 minutes!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

When a 4some played 100 holes in 2017 it took them just under 14.5 hours. Here are photos from that day

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