After more than 2 hours of discussion, the RSU 24 Board of Directors voted NOT to allow Sumner High School students to participate in interscholastic athletics.

Each Board of Director has a weighted vote, but 6 Board of Directors voted against allowing the participation while 3 voted in favor.

The actual votes were

  • Jennifer Des Jardin (Eastbrook) - Yes
  • Roy Gott (Franklin) - No
  • Alison Johnson (Gouldsboro) - No
  • Julia Sheehan (Mariaville) - Yes
  • Janet Wilpan (Sorrento) - No
  • Keith Goldfarb (Steuben) - Yes
  • Andrea St. George-Jones (Sullivan) - No
  • Mercy Hardison (Waltham) - No
  • Jeffrey Alley (Winter Harbor) - No

The Board initially voted on September 1st 9-0, and then on September 8th 8-1 suspending interscholastic activities.

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