This goes under the category of "It Takes a Village", and it certainly does to make Halloween memorable for Bar Harbor's and the Island's children! Ledgelawn Avenue in Bar Harbor is where many children not only in Bar Harbor, but on the Island go trick-or-treating. It really is Halloween Central!  Children carpool in and it can overwhelm residents, who hand out candy to all the kids. That's where you can help! For many years, and again this year, the Bar Harbor Hannaford has set up a donation box for bags of candy that will be given to Ledgelawn Avenue residents to hand out on Halloween. You can purchase bag(s) of candy and just put it in the box as you leave the store.

Candy is being collected through October 27th. If you are a Ledgelawn Avenue resident and want to participate in handing out candy, and want some of the donated candy, please let Marie Curcio Yarborough know. You can contact her through Facebook, or leave a message in the comments as she's been tagged in the post.

Happy Halloween!

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