Today, November 16th marks the start of our sister station's Annual Free the Z Turkey Drive. It's an enormous undertaking that just makes me so proud of my coworker Kid, and the tremendous listeners and community members in Eastern Maine.

Our goal is always to collect the year in turkeys... This year that's 2021. All the turkeys go to Penquis, who in turn distribute them to local food cupboards and pantries in the area.

Last year, in the peak of the COVID pandemic, thanks to your generosity we collected a record 3600 turkeys. The demand for turkeys is greater than ever, what with the increased cost of gasoline, heating oil and groceries.

Kid will be in the Brewer Hannaford parking lot from 6 a.m on Tuesday, November 16th through 6 p.m on Thursday, November 18th. You can pull up to the tent and make a donation. $10.00 equals 1 turkey.

Want to make your donation go a little further? Do the shopping yourself. Right now Hannaford is selling frozen turkeys for 49 cents a pound. That means you can purchase 2 10-pound frozen turkeys for $10.00

Having been involved in the Turkey Drive since 2002, it is so amazing to see the donations come in, and listen to the stories. It's so gratifying to see little children learn about the importance of helping their neighbors, when they drop off a turkey, some so little, they have a hard time lifting a 10 pound turkey. When we have people come up and donate, and tell us it's their turn to pay it forward, because they once received a turkey, your heart swells up a little with Thanksgiving love.

We hope you can stop by. It was so sad last night when I drove by the site and the big electric sign said 0 Turkeys.

The one thing that I have constantly been amazed at is the generosity of Mainers, and their constant willingness to lend a hand and take care of their friends and neighbors. Mainers really do take care of Mainers and those they love.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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