After Waterfront Concerts announced a new clear bag policy many people began to ask if you could bring things like phones and keys outside of your clear bag, or if you can bring blankets. Here are your answers:

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    A Blanket

    You may carry a blanket outside of a bag because it is easy to search. It should be noted cushions or pillows are not allowed.

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    A Camera

    Nothing huge, nothing professional, but point and shoot cameras are allowed.

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    If you have lawn seats and want to see the performers face you might want some!

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    Cell Phones

    These can be carried in your clear bag or in a pocket, staff asks you mention to them if you do have anything in your pockets upon entering.

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    For those who are concerned the new rule change means absolutely nothing can come in without being in a bag will be relieved to know you don't have to get a special bag for your keys.

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    Small Purses (Even if not clear)

    Only bags over a certain size have to be clear so as long as your purse, wallet, or clutch bag is under the designated size.

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    Diapers and other childcare items

    Diaper bag contents are allowed but must be carried in a plastic, clear bag.

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    A Wallet

    Same rules apply for your keys, as long as nothing is excessive and security can clearly see no safety hazards there will be no problems.

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  • 9

    An Extra Jacket

    With the chance of getting rained on at the outdoor venue many are asking if they can carry an extra jacket or if they have to put it in a clear bag.

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  • 10

    Special Medical Equipment

    No you don't need to leave your oxygen at home. Waterfront Concerts will not make you put your oxygen tank in a plastic bag.

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