Was it you? If you bought a Mega Millions Jackpot Ticket for the Friday, January 13th drawing, you better check the ticket, but do it sitting down! You see there was 1 ticket sold in Maine, that was the SOLE winner of the 1.35 billion dollar jackpot!

The winning numbers were 30-43-45-46-61 and the Gold Mega Ball 14.

That 1.35 billion is if you choose an annuity, and have it pay out annually for 29 years. If you choose the cash option, the estimated total was $724.6 million! Either way, not too shabby!

If you're the winner, take some deep breaths, try not to tell everyone, contact a lawyer and be ready to head to Augusta on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday), in a limo and claim your winnings.

Please, do some good with your unexpected winnings. Set aside a good chunk to help those in need! Congratulations!

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