Sick of sick passengers throwing up in the back seat of their taxis, cab drivers in Key West, Florida may soon get a little help with the cleanup: 50 bucks per hurl! The proposal is being made in a city that once had to toss cherry-scent bombs in street trash cans to mask the lingering odor of vomit from hungover bar-hoppers. According to the Five 6's taxi company, the largest cab company in Key West, five or six people each year vomit in the back seat. So the plan is that in the event that a taxicab passenger gets sick and soils the cab's interior, a $50 clean-up fee will be added to the trip fare. The surcharge targets mainly people who are VWI, vomiting while intoxicated. Children or sober riders who just get sick, will probably not have to pay the fee, according to the Five 6's taxi company.

(Source Miami Herald)