Does it make you crazy when you meet someone and they look everywhere at you but your face?  Well according to recent scientific research you may need to give whoever it is a pass, they can’t help it. A study done by  University of Nebraska Lincoln was the first to use eye tracking technology (Eyelink II) to examine objectified glances by which men, especially in the US , purportedly often "ogle," "leer at" or "check out" women. And you wonder why girls of all ages have anxiety over how they look. the study showed the unfortunate side effect of this kind of objectification for women is that it can be dehumanizing.

During the study about 30 men and 30 women were asked to look at pictures of women and evaluate their looks and then their personalities.  The research showed that both men and women looked longer at the chest and waist area rather than their faces.

Those conducting this study believed that much of this ogling urge is a hardwired primitive instinct, men looking for breeding stock and women at their competition.  The results of this remained consistent regardless of a woman’s shape and whether the viewer is male or female.

The upshot according to researchers is that more positive feeling are generally exhibited towards more attractive women but it can be a liability too  given that the attractive woman’s actual personality may not come into the equation.