This video is making it's way around Facebook and it shows a Maine State Police Trooper arresting a suspect. From the sounds of the not safe for work language it has to do with a domestic incident. Friends or family of the male being arrested took the video and loaded it.

I watched this, and let me give you MY opinion. I thought this Maine State Trooper showed remarkable restraint. He arrested the male while being jeered at, and filmed and the male didn't make it easy on the trooper. I realize I'm of a different generation, but I don't believe you fight the police officer. I also believe in the justice system that if you're innocent, you'll be proven that you're innocent.

Maine State Troopers have a difficult job. They patrol large areas by themselves, and often there isn't backup nearby, especially if they're in rural areas.

So what are your thoughts of this? Do you think the Trooper acted professionally? Please keep your comments clean

Maine state troopers please share this.

Posted by Brady Waterman on Saturday, December 5, 2015