Throwback Thursday is in two parts today, in honor of Thanksgiving. Part 1 was the food prep scene from 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.' And Part 2 includes my absolute favorite TV line ever! 'WKRP in Cincinnati' had an awesome holiday show that included a disastrous Thanksgiving promotion. Happy Thanksgiving!

For anyone who has never seen the episode, here's the gist of the plot. The 'suits' in the office decide they can put together a promotion for very little money and show the 'jeans' people that they're still in the game. So Mr. Carlson, the station manager decides to do something splashy.

But it all goes awry (as it always does in sitcoms) when Mr. C uses the traffic helicopter to drop turkeys out of the sky into a shopping mall parking lot. Did I mention that the turkeys were still alive? Les Nessman's play by play announcing is a hilarious parody of the announcer who witnessed the Hindenburg. "Oh, the humanity!"

The shows ends with a bedraggled, feather-covered Mr. Carlson delivering a line I quote each and every Thanksgiving. (Don't believe me? Ask my kids!)

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."