WDEA's Chris Popper had the pleasure to chat with Sandy Phippen who is a Maine playwright and has also taught for in high schools and college for 51 years. Sandy's two plays "Standing Just Outside the Door" and "The Police Know Everything" will be performed at The Grand on Friday night at 7, Saturday night at 8 and Sunday at 3 PM (June 5-7). Additionally there will be a free public reading of "The Last Right Address" at the Ellsworth Public Library on Thursday June 4th at 5 PM

“Standing Just Outside the Door” is under the direction of Carol Korty. Included in the cast are such talented local actors as David Sanderson, Barbara Bland, Ashley Kramer, Molly Warren, Patrick Molloy, Joshua Bridges, Aidan Pasha, Alex Storey, Joshua Bamford, Tom Boss, and Honeybee Hayman.

“The Police Know Everything” is under the direction of Chris Dougherty. The play is a collection of “stories of Downeast Maine” by Phippen, and includes in the cast the local talents of Jim Pendergist, Dotty Small, Tom Thompson, Tom St. Claire, Joasha Dundas, Irv Hodgkin, Freda Reynolds, Robin Veysey, Barb Fenderson, Aidan Pasha, and Leslie Michaud.