Bangor Hydro Electric Company's line crews, and crews that they have brought in from out of state are still working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power to the over 11,000 customers without power.

The line crews are encountering people in the field, some of whom have been kind and thankful, and others who are upset that they don't have power. Please do not approach the crews in the field, for your safety and theirs. If you are using a generator, please insure that it is completely ventilated and not backfeeding into the system! Backfeeding poses electrocution risks to the line crew and your neighbors on the same transformer!

There are shelters open throughout the state. For a full list of shelters please click HERE. In addition to the shelter at the Brewer Auditorium, the following shelters are open in Hancock County.

Hancock Bar Harbor Bar Harbor Fire Station
Warming Center
37 Firefly Lane OPEN Warming Center will remain open indefinitely
Hancock Blue Hill Blue Hill Town Office Warming Center
Warming Center
18 Union Street OPEN Blue Hill Town Office Warming Center
Hancock Brooklin Warming Center - Brooklin Fire Department
Warming Center
25 Bay Road OPEN Warming Center - Currently Open
Hancock Brooksville Brooksville Fire Department Warming Center
Warming Center
2199 Coastal Road OPEN Warming Center - Brooksville Fire Department - Currently Open
Hancock Ellsworth YMCA Ellsworth
Warming Center
238 State Street OPEN YMCA Ellsworth is open as a warming center. It is adjacent to the Ellsworth Middle School. Telephone Number: 667-3086
Hancock Ellsworth Ellsworth Middle School
Emergency Shelter
20 Forrest Avenue OPEN
Hancock Hancock Hancock Congregational Church
Warming Center
US Highway Route 1 OPEN Hancock Congregational Church Warming Center: Opening Time: 11:00 AM; Closing Time: TBD
Hancock Orland Orland Fire Department Warming Center
Warming Center
91 School House Road OPEN Orland Fire Department - Opening Time: 11:00 AM; Closing Time: TBD
Hancock Sullivan Sullivan-Sorrento Recreation Center
Warming Center
US Highway Route 1 OPEN Sullivan-Sorrento Recreation Center Warming Center: Opening Time: 11:00 AM; Closing Time: TBD

For the latest live outage map from Bangor Hydro Electric, please click HERE

Here is the 3:39 Thursday, December 26th Update

Description of Event: Icing
Estimated Number of Meters Affected: 11505  
Aroostook: 0
Hancock: 6733
Northern Penobscot/Piscataquis County: 12
Penobscot: 4281
Washington: 479
Restoration Details:

About 150 two-person field crews and about 100 internal support staff are working today to restore power for Bangor Hydro customers. Crews have faced many challenges today, including extensive tree damage and cold temperatures.

We do need customer assistance during this process. Field crews are seeing improperly installed generators, which can back feed into the system putting customers and crews in danger. Two carbon monoxide deaths this week serve as a sad reminder that generators should be properly installed and well ventilated.

Please do not attempt to cut down or remove trees. This could cause serious injury or even death. Please avoid approaching crews; it slows the restoration process and causes our workers to remove their focus from working safely.

If a customer isn't sure if their outage has been reported, they should contact the customer service center. Once the outage has been reported, there is no need for multiple calls.

We ask customers to be patient. Any harassing or threatening calls will be taken seriously and could cause us to remove crews from the area and delay restoration times.

Other Related Information: Customers may report outages or ask questions by calling our Customer Service Center at 1-800-440-1111. Outages can also be reported at or the mobile site at
Estimated Time of Service Restoration: Although many customers will have power restored sooner, we expect it to be Saturday for Washington County, Sunday for Penobscot County and end of day Wednesday for Hancock County to be fully restored.
Estimated Time of Next Update: 9:00 p.m.