Things have gone the wrong way for Bangor Hydro Electric Company and it's customers, as the continued freezing rain and ice has caused more power outages. As of 4 PM, nearly 1/3 of Bangor Hydro Electric Company's customers are without power. The majority are in the Down East area.

To see the live outage map, click HERE

Bangor Hydro has committed all of it's resources to restoring customer's power as safely and quickly as possible. Some customers are expected to be without power overnight.


Description of Event: Icing
Estimated Number of Meters Affected: 32,595  
Hancock: 13,363
Northern Penobscot/Piscataquis County: 115
Penobscot: 9,569
Washington: 9,548
Restoration Details:

Bangor Hydro Electric Company has committed all possible resources at its disposal to address massive and widespread power outages covering a good portion of its service territory today. At its peak earlier today nearly 39,000 customers were without service due to ice weighing down power lines and nearby tree limbs. At the time of this report the count stands at 35,595, leaving nearly a third of its customers without service.

Rapidly changing weather conditions have hampered restoration efforts and almost as quickly as service is restored it is knocked out elsewhere. Crews have been brought in from divisions not as severely impacted to offer assistance and the company has secured the services of an outside contractor to offer additional assistance. In many cases, crews and support staff have delayed holiday vacations to get power to customers as quickly as possible. The customer service center is fully staffed and employees from other areas of the company are assisting with calls as in an effort to handle customer needs most efficiently.

Travel conditions are challenging and customers can assist by ensuring private roads are well sanded. Please remember to have generators properly installed and never use them inside. Power lines are never safe to touch and neither are tree limbs touching them.

Other Related Information: Customers are welcome to call our Customer Service Center to report outages or ask questions by calling 1-800-440-1111 (Bangor Hydro) and 877-655-4448 (Maine Public Service).
Estimated Time of Service Restoration: The goal is to restore power to as many customers as possible by night fall, but some customers are expected to be without power until at least tomorrow.
Estimated Time of Next Bangor Hydro Update: 9:00 p.m.