Anytime MDI and Ellsworth square off in a contest it's always special. After yesterday's rain-out, Ellsworth will travel to MDI to play in baseball and softball at 4 PM on Wednesday June 3rd, and there is a lot on the line!

For the MDI Baseball team, they desperately need a win to make the playoffs! MDI is sitting in 14th place, with a 6-9 record. They are out of the playoffs unless they beat the Eagles. Ellsworth is currently in 7th place with a 8-7 record. A win would likely give them a home prelim game. To view the latest Class B Baseball East Heal Points click HERE

The Ellsworth and MDI Softball teams both have records of 6-9. Ellsworth is currently in 11th place, and MDI is in 12th place. Both teams are assured of getting in the playoffs, and both will be traveling for the prelim games. The best both teams can hope is that they move up to 10th place. To view the latest Class B Softball East Heal Points click HERE

Because of the Red Sox game this afternoon, we won't have the games on the radio, but we will have boxscores and recaps later this evening, so check back on the website.