Thanks to everyone for all their wishes yesterday as my wife, Bonnie and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary.

We had a great day yesterday, and while we were out at dinner last night, my wife reminded me of a story, and said that she was surprised I hadn't written about it leading up to the anniversary. In truth, I had forgotten it, but it is a good story, and thought I'd write about it today.

As you hopefully have read, we met at the National Hotel on Block Island, Rhode Island. That summer, my parents, who were back living in Bermuda at the time, came out to the Island, to see me, and meet Bonnie for the first time. Those that know me well, know that I'm a workaholic. It's not a great trait, but it is what it is. Bonnie was nervous about meeting my parents, I was nervous, and we thought, we could make it a great day, if we worked as a team.

You know what they say, about the best laid plans? Yep, they went to pot. We must have been shorthanded that day, and the hotel, had a deck that could serve over 200 people, overlooking New Harbor. It was full, and the kitchen was backed up, and was so in the weeds, I thought it was a jungle. So, off I go, to work in the kitchen for the entire lunch service. My parents, left with Bonnie, who they met for the first time! Bonnie, with my parents, and she was trying to make a great impression! Me, sweating in the kitchen, hoping that my parents would love Bonnie, and Bonnie would love my parents!

I think I ended up seeing my parents for a total of a hour, that day! Luckily Bonnie was Bonnie, and impressed my parents, and my parents, are pretty easy going! They did come out another time, the next summer, and despite our best intentions, Bonnie ended up with them all day, as I was also on the volunteer fire/ambulance squad and we had a rescue at the airport, and someone died despite our best efforts.

Thank God for Bonnie! We make a great pair! Here's to another 25 years!