Downeast Scenic Railroad debuted its first annual Pumpkin Train this past Saturday, October 18th. Both the 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM train rides were sold out! 

A train ride - what an exciting adventure for kids. On top of that, this was a train ride to a "pumpkin patch" where families departed the train, kids picked out a pumpkin of their choice, then everyone boarded the train again to decorate during the remainder of the ride.

The volunteer staff at Downeast Scenic Railroad in Ellsworth gave kids the option to pick out what foam sticker face they'd like to put on their pumpkin. It was smart to do decorating that didn't require carving knives, markers, hot glue, or anything else that wouldn't do well on a moving train. My kids chose a kitty and a silly face.

Kids decorated their pumpkins while the train headed back toward the loading base. However, the ride continued past the train station and headed out to Washington Junction. Once all the pumpkins were decorated, the staff passed out snacks and drinks to all the train riders, even the parents.

This was a great family event and was very successful in its first run. I highly recommend putting this on your To Do List for 2015!